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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve joined forces with Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College to offer their Master of Medical Management for Physicians to our network. As part of our PLC-Network Scholarship, we created the program and partnership so physician leaders earn the additional education they need to further their leadership careers. Physicians who are registered members of PLC-Network (it’s free) and PLC-Network healthcare clients and affiliates can earn the MMM from Degree from Carnegie Mellon for reduced tuition costs: $400 off each semester for a total of $2k off!

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MMM is an 18-month cohort-based program, taught in a hybrid online/on-campus format. During the program, MMM students join classes in person on the main Carnegie Mellon University campus in Pittsburgh four times for learning sessions that last four-and-a-half days each. The cohort schedule below offers more details on dates and time commitment required. We’ve also included the MMM curriculum.

Earn a Master of Medical Management Degree for Physicians

A new and rapidly changing environment challenges today’s health care managers, presenting opportunities to those who understand change and who have the skills to lead others. The Master of Medical Management (MMM) program from Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University teaches these skills to physician executives, arming them to lead today’s healthcare organizations and shape the future of tomorrow’s healthcare industry.

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Preparing Physicians for Healthcare Leadership

The Heinz College’s MMM program concentrates on three distinctive, but related competencies which physician executives need in order to build and manage successful health care organizations. These core competencies address leadership, strategy, and the management of information. The MMM program is exclusively for physicians, and nearly all specialties have been represented since the program began in 1998. Although previous management experience is not required, most MMM students have some experience in large healthcare organizations, insurance companies, rural clinics, and private practices.


Dr. Anil Singh increasingly bridges the provider and administrative sides of his health network. He chose the MMM program to rise to the challenge and become a new kind of leader in health care.

Carnegie Mellon Testimonial
Carnegie Mellon Testimonial
CMU MMM Grads - Where are they now?

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