Management: Self-Awareness And Coachability: The Two Most Important Leadership Traits

I had an interesting conversation with a venture capitalist. We were discussing the qualities the VC looks for when thinking of buying a company. I was expecting to hear words like “profitability” and “growth potential.” But instead, the VC put self-awareness and coachability at the top of the list.

I was surprised but probably shouldn’t have been.

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Being Overwhelmed

Occasionally, I hear individuals describe “the” solution to being overwhelmed, but as I have talked to many different people, they have described problems that appear to have many different causes. Over time, I have come to notice 14 patterns (perhaps, there are more). By sharing this list, I am not implying that I have solved the problem of people feeling overwhelmed (even for me). Instead, I’m sharing this list in the hopes that people will recognize their primary issue(s) so that they can focus their energies on the corrective actions that make the most sense for them.

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Three Reasons Physicians Executives May Prefer a Different Kind of Coaching

When I became an executive coach, I wanted to become the best coach I could possibly be, and I found there is much to learn from the trainings and writings of those with more experience. I felt this was true even if very little of the training was specifically focused on coaching specifically for physician executives. People are people, and the dynamics of personal interaction are similar across industries and disciplines.

However, I also noticed that some of the assumptions from what I was studying did not seem to apply to the people I was seeing. I do not know if my clients, as physician executives, are different from others or if there is another explanation. Perhaps, those who have chosen to be coached by me are different. No matter the reason, this posting discusses my observations and describes how I have responded.

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Why consistency matters so much — and four keys to achieving it | Quint Studer

My experience in talking with many owners and executives is that two words tend to get the heads nodding: consistency and sustainability. One can typically find bright spots in a company, meaning people and areas that perform at a high level. And almost every individual, department or company can improve in certain areas. The challenge is, how can we ensure that the areas stay improved?

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The Five Pillars of the Soft Edge

Success in
business has traditionally meant having a strategy and excelling at the
hard skills. Controlling costs. Boosting speed. Effectively managing the supply
chain. Superior number-crunching and analytics. Most of today’s CEOs, CFOs, chief operating officers, boards of
directors, and shareholders speak the language of this hard edge. It’s their
comfort zone: numbers, metrics, analytics, logistics, strategies, and a
well-defined and easy-to-see ROI.

But today’s turbulent marketplace has taken much of the bite out
of the hard edge. Its very appeal, the fact that it can be
measured and quantified, also means it can be analyzed and copied by the
competition. To really get ahead, and stay there, a company must also master its “soft edge”—a powerful
competitive advantage that is made up of five pillars:

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