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Dr. Katie Cole

“I highly recommend that you reach out to Kurt, whether you are an organization or physician leader, to become affiliated with his influential community nationwide!”

My name is Dr. Katie Cole, I am a Physician and Organizational Wellbeing Consultant, Psychiatrist and  Executive Physician Coach. I have been in the process of pivoting my career into the consulting side of healthcare, as I am dedicated to helping physicians find their passion in medicine!

Kurt was immediately warm and welcoming, and was willing to meet with me multiple times to really understand my journey and help me further identify my ideal role in healthcare moving forward.

What I appreciate most about Kurt is that he is such a wonderful connector, and he is doing this because he believes in connecting physicians and organizations with the ideal match.

Kurt believes in giving back to his community through his website which is a phenomenal free resource full of ways to connect with colleagues, organizations, physician leaders, as well as educational opportunities for everyone. I find his website easy to navigate, and appreciate his podcasts and blogs that always include a pearl on leadership and personal development.

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