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LEAD Physician TM

LEAD Physician

LEAD Physician™ is a comprehensive online, virtual 4-month leadership program that is made for physicians with the understanding of the unique career path they have had through the rigors of medical school and residency. The course includes prerecorded videos on a mobile app, worksheets, and weekly evening Zoom interactive calls. Physicians have historically lacked formal training in leadership and business skills putting them and their respective institutions at risk for meeting essential milestones required to survive in the tumultuous, changing healthcare environment. With the growing complexity of healthcare finance, technology, quality control, politics and regulation with an aging population, it’s imperative that we equip our physicians with leadership skills since they may better understand the flaws and potential solutions of problems compared to those who traditionally have had to make the major decisions including their non medical, administrative colleagues.

LEAD Physician™ may be one of the most comprehensive programs offered in a virtual format that includes both the essentials of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and CORE COMPETENCIES in Business and Leadership that foster success. It’s not just about learning how to do quality improvement, for example, but also how to engage, communicate, and influence others. Physicians sacrifice enormous energy, time, and money for the path they have chosen; why not give them the tools to create and LEAD a more purposeful, ideal life that they enjoy and work hard to create? Dr. Koh feels strongly about addressing the fundamental problems within the current healthcare system where there is often a lack of clinicians’ voices within senior leadership roles that will allow improved work conditions for healthcare workers and systems that foster patient-centric care.

For More Information:

Elsie Koh, MD EMHL

Founder, LEAD Physician TM

URL: LEADPhysician.org

email: [email protected]

mobile: (973) 487-8381

LEAD Physician


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