Reduce scheduling induced stress with Mesh AI's "one click" solution

Mesh AI

Mesh AI“Mesh AI is perhaps one of the most important items in a physician leader’s toolbox.”

~ Dr. Shahram Sean Yousefi

Mesh AI is a fair 1-click clinician scheduler that:

 * Removes errors, frustrations, and unfairness in calls and shifts to improve outcomes and relationships.

 * Helps optimize the largest budget item in healthcare: cost of human capital

 * Saves time and better balances work with life for all towards wellness and eradicating burnout

Mesh AI (by MESH Scheduling Inc.) is a powerful automated scheduling platform built for hospitals, clinics, and office practices. Its proprietary intelligent engine creates ideal schedules while considering vacations, scheduling conflicts, workplace rules, equality, work preferences, and many other rules your workplace may require. Fully customizable, the engine also provides administrators with powerful insights for manual schedule adjustments with Mesh auto-suggester.


Say hello to equitable schedules

Schedule your physicians, nurses, medical residents, and other providers with a few clicks taking all vacations, rules, and needs into consideration. Optimize scheduling to minimize costs.

What do our clients say about Mesh AI?

Mesh AI is amazing! It saved me from headaches and so much stress. The support from Mesh AI was seamless - they answer your queries within minutes.”
Human Resources Officer - KFL&A Public Health, Canada
We have been able to generate rosters more quickly - respond more quickly - and that has been a great help to us during COVID-19.”
General Pediatric Fellow - Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, Australia
It gives a sense of control to your entire team; your staff members have ownership of their schedules as well.”
Program Coordinator - Kingston Community Health Centres, Canada

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