Lost the Passion for Your Work? Ways to Get It Back

With COVID-19, everything gets amplified 10-fold.

Kurt Scott, Founder; CEO, Physician Leadership Career Network, Tampa, Florida

It’s easy to see why many feel like they’ve lost their passion and even forget why they became physicians in the first place. The sad truth is that it may drive some to leave clinical practice, or worse.

What can you do to regain that feeling of being excited to get up in the morning? How can you regain control of the career you worked so hard to acquire?

To provide meaningful answers, I spoke with Elsie Koh, MD, a practicing interventional radiologist and chief medical officer and CEO of LEAD Physician, a virtual leadership training platform.

Stepping off the treadmill to improve your career may seem impossible, but according to Koh, it is doable. Koh, who coaches and teaches physicians how to take control over their career and their lives, notes some common reasons why physicians start to lose their mojo.

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