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The Physician Leader’s Resource Center

The PLC-Network’s Resource Center is intended to provide valuable resources to leaders in the process of exploring new career opportunities or wanting to advance their leadership skills.

Our partners are vetted to ensure quality services but we recommend you also ask for references etc. and conduct some due diligence yourself. Cost of services will vary with each assignment and should be discussed directly with the provider.



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Join healthcare leaders from around the country who address the multiple facets of the burnout crisis and share how to increase the well-being of our physicians, nurses, and administrators.
  • Understand the far-reaching consequences of burnout

  • Discover strategies for burnout prevention and mitigation

  • Learn how to identify burnout in yourself and others


Physician and Nurse Leader burnout is a public health crisis that demands action across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Burnout not only affects clinicians, but also the patients they serve. At the Healthcare Burnout Symposium, we will gather thought leaders and stakeholders to address the multiple facets of burnout, such as time constraints, technology, and regulations, and will gain actionable solutions to implement within your health system. 

In conjunction with the Sharp Index, a nonprofit dedicated to improving physician well-being, the Healthcare Burnout Symposium will present healthcare technology and suicide prevention experts to share different voices about how to address and reduce burnout and restore joy in practicing medicine.

Graduate Education

Exclusively for PLC-Network members!

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PLC-Network is thrilled and honored to fulfill our long-term vision of offering the PLC-Network Scholarship Program to our valued physician members and healthcare clients. Read more…

Leadership & Career Coaching


Michael Brown, MD

Michael Brown, MD, MS, MCHM, CHCIO

Dr. Brown is a certified executive coach (Center For Executive Coaching) and Chief Medical Officer at Acesis, Inc. He was an instructor at the Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health for 8 years after graduating from their Masters in Healthcare Management program in 2007. For the 12 years prior to joining Acesis in 2014, Michael was the Chief Information Officer for Harvard University Health Services.  Read more >

Terr Christensen PhD

Terri Christensen, Ph.D., CEO, H&H Associates

Dr. Christensen is the President of H&H Associates, a talent management firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. She has provided executive coaching and consulting services in the healthcare, higher education, and professional services sectors. Dr. Christensen launched her healthcare career at the Cleveland Clinic as the Executive Director of Physician Experience and Support. As part of that role, she oversaw physician vitality, physician onboarding, leadership development, physician career development, physician succession planning, and the Cleveland Clinic Academy. Read more >

Private Credentials & Career Vault



Never let your credentials or certifications expire or lose your documents again. MedCV, your Personal Electronic Credentials and Career Health Record Vault! MedCV is free, a service designed to help physicians like you keep up with your CME’s, store credentialing information, search for new opportunities, even promote your practice. It’s all here.

Read more

Leadership Training

Dr. Elsie Koh, MD

Elsie Koh, MD MHL is the CEO and founder of LEAD Physician®, an online, virtual leadership program for physicians by physicians to help physicians to live up to their true potential as physicians.  Dr. Koh realizes that her initial struggle with leadership is a pervasive problem among the physician community that has not been traditionally or adequately addressed in most training programs.  As such, physicians are placed at a disadvantage in being able to lead with influence for the betterment of all stakeholders, mainly the patients.  Without leadership skills, many physicians face “burn-out” not knowing how to remove themselves from feeling “stuck” in their current situation or circumstance. Through this program and its outstanding faculty members, physicians should expect to learn how to strategically recreate, focus, and produce the steps necessary to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be as leaders in healthcare.

Dr. Koh currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of American Endovascular and Amputation Prevention, has held multiple leadership positions from CMIO, Regional Medical Officer, and Medical Director. She believes that all physicians are leaders and have potential that can be easily uncovered with focused assistance and direction. OFFERING a FREE 30 minute career consultation.  Read more…

Website: http://www.leadphysician.org/

Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/DrKoh

LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/elsie-koh-md

Email: [email protected]

Applicant Tracking System (Physician & Physician Leadership Specific)

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PLC-Network’s strategic partnership with KontactIntelligence (Ki) stems from a 30 year relationship with Ki’s founder and CEO, Niels Andersen. If you are considering a new Applicant Tracking System, this is by far the “gold standard” and by which all others are judged. I believe in Niels, his company and know that his focus is to create the very best product(s) available. KI is not only an outstanding ATS but it’s so much more. KontactIntelligence (Ki) is the most comprehensive and strategic technology application of its kind specifically designed to maximize your medical staff assets. From recruiting to retaining your top performers, Ki generated reports will afford you the security of having your finger on the pulse of all of your medical staff issues and growth opportunities. And it’s easy. Visit KI’s website to learn more here: https://www.kontactintelligence.com/