You’re down to your top 3 candidates for your open physician leadership position… Now what?

Your Executive Search Committee has narrowed down the candidate pool to the top three. There will be a whole host of reasons the top three are in the mix but some of those reasons may not increase the likelihood of success in moving the department/organization forward. Reasons could include the one least likely to make significant changes, or the one most liked, or an internal candidate that everyone knows and are comfortable with. How do you significantly increase your chances of selecting the “best” one?

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Find What’s Right and Recreate It. (Some Questions That May Help)

Have you ever noticed that when things don’t go well, there’s always a meeting afterward? It’s typical for companies to do a deep dive, analyzing step by step what went wrong and how to fix it. We spend a lot of time, energy, and heartache focusing on what goes wrong.

There is nothing wrong with this: troubleshooting problems, creating solutions, and infusing them into your processes and procedures is critical to helping your business get better and better. However, it’s only one side of the story.

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